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June 22/23, 2019 Trip Report – Blue Skies and Ultimate Thrills

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park with Tyler at around 10:30. We noticed almost immediately that there were new posts put up along the Royal Fountains for some spotlights.

The spotlights are for the Starlight Spectacular show but I’m guessing that they’re really more for Winterfest when the Royal Fountain is turned into a skating rink. The spotlights were originally mounted onto the railings which wouldn’t really work once it’s a skating rink.

It’s something to get used to seeing, mostly the two posts up front because they’re not hidden by the trees. I’m also excited to see how they look at night during Starlight Spectacular.

The new VR experience at the All the Rage building in Expo is now open.

There is an area for a standing VR game. It’s set up as a two-player game and sectioned off so two sessions can happen at the same time.

In another area of the building, there are two of these simulators. I don’t think there’s any game component as they were showing some of the animations on the screens up top. There is a height requirement of 48″ for these simulators.

There is a new gate, similar to the Fast Lane gates, for the Alternate Access and Single Rider lines. The actual Fast Lane line is still there but isn’t gated, at least not yet anyway.

Miners Cafe has received an all-new menu after being closed for the past week or two. The Chinese food is all gone in favour of an interesting variety of tastes. I remember there used to be Philly Cheese Steaks and corn dogs available in the park years ago so it’s nice to see them back. I also love that the menu is still very friendly to dining plan members, as was the first menu.

In Medieval Faire, there was a Playstation setup to promote the release of the new Crash Team Racing game. It goes hand in hand with the CTR theming at Speed City Raceway. There is also a CTR ad on FunTV that was filmed at Speed City Raceway which is pretty cool.

We took a ride on Jokey’s Jalopies which is one of few rides where cameras are allowed.

Sledge Hammer wasn’t open in the morning. When I went to check on it in the afternoon, one of the hatches on the body was open and they were running some tests… with a maintenance guy inside.

About a half an hour later, the ride was up and sounding great!

We checked out the Ultimate Thrills Circus that runs from June 22 to July 29.

We caught the last bit of the Peanuts Block Party in Planet Snoopy. It’s an odd show. The song choices and how there’s a performer with a mic singing along reminded me of Cedar Point’s Luminosity show…


I tried the chicken tender sandwich from Roadside Chicken. It’s the first time trying it this year since I do miss the large chicken sandwiches they used to have. Still, this was fantastic, with juicy chicken tenders and a chipotle sauce on both the top and bottom buns.

For the second meal, I had the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from the new Miners Cafe menu. It was really good. I’m not a fan of chips as a side though, at least not Lay’s anyway.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just as people were being let in for Leviathan ERT. I noticed there was some burlap covering the Medieval Faire drawbridge “gate”. I’m not sure what that’s about.

I got two rides in during the morning, with about 15 minute waits each. It was running well and I was lucky to get back row and second-to-back row rides.

I did notice that every train was going out with many single empty seats which got me thinking maybe they could send a railing down the middle of the Fast Lane side of the stairs for a single rider line. It would certainly get me on Leviathan much more often than it currently goes for me.

Waits at Behemoth were pretty light for the time I was at the park today.

Yukon Striker was busy with crowds today. I did manage a centre front row ride on it. I find it gives an interesting foot-chopper feeling for the entire ride with it being the closest your feet can be to the track.

I caught the Victoria Falls High Dive show for the first time this season. I still love the overly-dramatic soundtrack for the show.

On my way out, I caught Snoopy and Charlie Brown having a little dance party.

I had a fantastic weekend with amazing weather, fun rides, and seeing shows start back up for the season!


I had the Farmer’s Sausage from King’s Feast. It was a good meal.

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