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June 8/9, 2019 Trip Report – A Closer Look

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park with Tyler at around 10:15.

Our first ride of the day was Behemoth.

Unfortunately, Major Mac doesn’t fit on Yukon Striker. 🙁

The Klondike Outfitters store received a new sign.

The ride itself also has a few new signs… As you sit in the brake run, there’s a new sign up above that says to unfasten your seatbelt. On the exit side of the platform, there’s new signs pointing to the exit and “article pickup” where the bins are waiting for you to retrieve your things.

Minebuster also has new signs that tell you which side is the entrance and the exit.

These geese were just mildly concerned about the speeding train above them.

We took a ride on the Viking’s Rage which is yet another ride I haven’t ridden in so many years. It’s always a fun time. I like how the two sides naturally throw their hands up when they’re facing down, though I do miss the times when the two attendants would pin the two sides against each other in a screaming match.

The new Grab & Go Market is now open, which offers fresh fruit and other healthy food options, including sandwiches and salads. It gathered quite the line during the day. At this point, my only real issue is that nothing has prices on them other than the salads that are displayed on the menu TV.

We caught a viewing of Snoopy’s Dog Days of Summer. It’s a cute show.

I bought a new camera lens as an early birthday gift to myself. You shouldn’t be surprised what my first subject would be with it.


I had the Manchurian chicken with chow mein noodles from the new Mess Hall in Frontier Canada.

Honestly… This was the worst meal I’ve had so far this season. I ordered the food right as the location opened up for the day but somehow everything was cold and the chicken was dry. The noodles looked really good but they were bland.

Now that Mess Hall is open, it really does baffle me why Yukon Striker is surrounded by Chinese food.

I already gave up on the day with meals so I decided to take a chance on something else that’s new to me. This is the fried tofu from Miners Cafe. The tofu didn’t taste like anything (which isn’t surprising) but the texture was fine… and that sauce. The sauce is a Thai coconut curry sauce and it is delicious! With all that said, I don’t think I’d get it again but I have no regrets from trying it out.

It was surprising that I ended up liking this one more than the Mess Hall meal…

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:30. There was ERT in the Behemoth area but I wasn’t feeling that great so I didn’t ride anything for the half an hour.

I did end up doing Yukon Striker twice today, even though I was ready for a nap in line when the ride went down for about 20 minutes.

As I got off my second ride on Yukon Striker, I just wanted to snap a quick picture but then I realized that YS and Vortex were about to sync so I scrambled to get a video of it. This was the best I could do… hopefully I’ll be recording on my camera the next time.

In the morning, there was a charity walk through the park for Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF. Always great to see Wonderland being a venue for charity events!

Over in Medieval Faire, they’ve begun putting new speakers on new wooden posts that were already installed at the beginning of the season. I love this since the big speakers hanging from poles in the Baye weren’t very nice looking.

I finally have a lens capable of really seeing what my friend here looks like.

I got a ride on Shockwave which still has a decent cycle, though I wasn’t lucky enough to get any downward upside-down stalls on this run.

Sledge Hammer wasn’t feeling well today either.

Thanks for looking at my pictures! Check out my Instagram where I try to share even more of them!


Since yesterday’s meals didn’t go as well I hoped, I had to get something that rarely disappoints… Southwest Burger from Coasters!

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