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July 20, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – Brew & BBQ Review

Brew & BBQ 2019 Edition!

With a combination of poor weather and underwhelming food at Brew & BBQ last year, I was excited to check out the event this year after seeing that they completely redid the menu and also moved locations (again).

Without a doubt, the 2019 edition of the event has been my favourite year for the festival!

Pricing Details

The prices have continually gone up over the years, now with tickets valued at $2. You can only purchase them in 5’s, and also buy 4 tickets along with a 5oz plastic beer mug. This year, tickets are NOT refundable.

I opted for the tasting card (that I still keep calling a passport), graciously covered by CPFoodBlog.

Time to Eat!

The tasting card allowed me to get any four items available at the event. I also used my dining plan to get an additional item. I decided to get three food items and two dessert items.

Item #1 – Smoked Salmon

For whatever reason, it never clicked with me that they’d use the wood-fire oven that’s typically used for pizzas at the food festivals. I was very happy to see it out, filling the area in the area with a nice aroma.

The salmon was great and I really enjoyed the cous cous side. I’m not a fan of the slaw salad that was served with it.

Item #2 & #3 – Crab Cake Slider x2

Yep, that’s right… So nice, I had it twice! The crab cake was fried to a nice crisp and was full of flavour. I also liked the very good helping of the mayo dressing on it. It was rather messy to eat as it broke up on the first bite so I ended up using a knife and fork to finish it halfway through eating it.

Again, the slaw was not very good.

Item #4 & #5 – Deep Fried Banana & Butter Tart Milkshake

Dessert time! This was the part of the tasting card I was most eager to try. Unfortunately, it was the biggest letdowns of the day.

The Kwartha Dairy Moose Tracks ice cream (peanut butter & vanilla with chocolate chunks) was great on a hot day like today. Of course, on a hot day like today, the ice cream melted quickly… in the plate that this is served on for some reason. It should have been in a bowl. The deep fried banana was soggy and gross. I ended up throwing out the other two. I’m not sure what I expected with those anyway.

My suggestion would have been to deep fry something else more fun… like Oreos and candy bars like they did last year during Haunt. Or they could have brought back the Funnelwich (two small funnel cakes with ice cream in the middle) just for the event.

The milkshake was my main attraction for today because I was so happy to see that they finally had a specialty non-alcoholic drink (I try not to drink for health reasons)… I couldn’t even finish the darn thing. It just tasted like milk with fine cookie crumbs mixed in – The texture of the tart blended in was really off-putting.

My suggestion would be to do a s’mores milkshake instead, minus the graham crackers. The area reminds people of camping – S’mores seems like a natural fit! Also, how about just basic vanilla/chocolate/strawberry shakes?

Brew & BBQ 2019 Live Entertainment

On stage, they had Parkside Drive, Ferguson Young, and the Mike Walmsley Band. They’re all amazing!

The area in front of the stage is rather tight so I didn’t see too many people stopping there to watch the band. I absolutely love hearing them while I’m eating at the tables nearby though!

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