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July 21/22, 2019 Cedar Point Trip Report – It’s Tradition!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Trip Notes

With the awesome time I had at Cedar Point last year, I wanted to be sure it would become an annual tradition. I don’t think I could ever get bored of this park! This summer’s roadtrip was with Tyler and spanned from July 21 to 25 with visits to Cedar Point and Kings Island, Kings Island being a new park to me that will be covered in a separate trip report.

We arrived at the park at around 4:30pm.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride was a ride that I missed last year. We were able to hop on that quickly, even though they took some time to take off a train while we were there.

We took walks through their kids areas. Kiddieland is the absolute worst and needs to go. Planet Snoopy is fine. Camp Snoopy is where it’s at!

Camp Snoopy feels very cozy with all of the trees and camp-themed rides. It’s the best kids area I encountered on the trip… 🤭

Skyhawk was a ride I missed last year because it went down the one time I tried to get on it and got preoccupied with other rides that I never got back to it.

It’s a fantastic flat ride that I wish CW could find space for.

I was so excited to get on Steel Vengeance again. The airtime and those rolls are sooo good.

We did Magnum which got some new lights and sound effects for an anniversary year. I thought it was a lot better compared to the ride I remember from last year.

Dragster was a near walk-on so we got it just before it shut down for the evening due to rain.

With the rain, we decided to grab some food and call it a day.


I had the mini corndogs and fries from the Hot Potato on the Main Midway. I loved these fries from my trip last year so I was happy to have them again, along with the mini corndogs.

I had the chicken tenders from the Round Up in Frontier Town… I originally wanted to get one of those Steel Vengeance themed burgers I had last year but was sad to see it was just chicken tenders this year. Oh well, it was still fine.

The staff member at the cash was so great. When he had a moment with no one in line, he quickly came over smiling, just to say my order was still being cooked. This is service I wish I could receive on a more regular basis at home.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Trip Notes

We parked up just before 10am. It still weirds me out how there’s just nothing when you look out from the parking lot.

We started off the day by hitting some of the coasters near the front of the park. We got on Valravn fairly quickly.

It’s an ok ride… but it somehow feels worse this year just because of Yukon Striker. In particular, you don’t spend nearly as much time at the top and on the dive as you do on YS which stinks because it gives one of the best views in the park IMO. I still really like the slow roll at the end though.

While in the area, we also did Raptor and Blue Streak.

We did Cedar Downs.

I lost.

We did the train and I apologize to everyone right now for not doing it last year.

Boneville is amazing.

We walked through the Forbidden Frontier. I liked it for the views of Millennium and the food at Provisions. Otherwise, it was obviously not for me. (“Please leave me alone.”)

Gemini was a coaster I missed last year… It turned out to be one of the best experiences on the trip. We rode it on both sides where we lost on one but won on the other. I love the people taunting and glaring at each other between trains on the lift and through the turns. I absolutely LOVE that I was able to get a high five while going through one of the turns.

I missed Iron Dragon last year so I made sure to get it this year, while Tyler went to get his credit on Rougarou which I refuse to try again. I didn’t think it was as bad as people lead on… but I’d choose Vortex over it any day.

I got a laugh out of Maxair running into trouble the same way Sledge does. It was down for most of the day. We got the first public cycle of the day, which was around 6pm. The cycle immediately after us went into a free swing. It never did reopen for the day after that.

We met up with CPFoodBlog later in the evening, and took rides on Skyhawk, the Antique Cars, the train, and the Giant Wheel.

I am still in love with this park and cannot wait to get back next year. It’s unfortunate to have missed Maverick and Millennium Force this year but I’m still walking away very satisfied with the visit. Really, the main goal of this year’s visit was to catch up to the rides I missed last year. Maybe I should start planning to give this park an extra day than what I’ve done these past two years.


I had the shrimp from Provisions in Forbidden Frontier. It was really good!

I had the fish and chips from Lakeside Express. It was… sad.

Lingering Trip Notes

  • I LOVE the spieling at rides all over the park. We couldn’t stop laughing at the blunt “wow” some of the ops would do when they asked how the ride was.
  • Again, for another year, the employees and guests at the park were so friendly in my experiences with them. In particular, it’s the guests who offer tips or help, unprompted. (“Hey, this one has ice in it.”)
  • The only time I used lockers last year was for Steel Vengeance. Since I’m carrying around a camera bag these days, we got the all-day locker that you can move around. Using the lockers were fine since we were only there for a couple days and could move them around the park. I think the all-day should be cheaper though…
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