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July 25, 2019 Cedar Point Trip Report – A Pitstop Like No Other™

Trip Notes

We arrived at the park at around 1:45pm. The plan was to grab food and then continue on the road home. We didn’t have any time to do rides.

It was a gorgeous day at the park. With the calmer winds, Sky Ride was open so we used it to get to Coasters. It kept going down during our days here because of the high winds. It was great to have been able to get on it before going home this year!

We ate at Coasters, as well as shared the chili cheese fries Platinum pass deal. (A free regular order of fresh cut fries with an order of chili cheese fries.) I love these fries but I was so stuffed between this and the meal I had at Coasters to really enjoy it. We’ll definitely be doing this deal again next year, on emptier stomachs!


I had the cheese burger basket from Coasters. It was a fine burger, with a large serving of fries. The setup in this Coasters seems to work better than the one at Wonderland. You start at the side to order, then move down the counter, grabbing your drinks, picking up your order, and using the condiments station if you need it.

I used the kiosk ordering here and at Kings Island. It was a bit finicky using the one here at Coasters but was smooth at KI. Overall, I’m in favour of more of them, of course, with the hope that they continue to fine-tune them.

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