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June 29/30, 2019 Trip Report – Canada Day Long Weekend

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just before 10am.

After getting some quick rides on Yukon Striker thanks to the amazingly fast crew, I headed deeper into Frontier Canada to check out the Celebration Canada event area. The lamp posts in the area are decked out with these fancy maple leaf decorations. Looks great!

There are activities in the area such as cornhole and giant checkers.

There’s this new pan for gold type thing in front of Canyon Trader but there was nothing there to show you what you’re supposed to do with it. It looks so good that I imagine it’ll be around even past Celebration Canada. I just hope there’s more signage or associates to show people what it’s for.

I caught some of the performances on the Celebration Canada stage, including a couple of cover bands and the West Coast Lumberjacks.

I love the atmosphere of the area because you’re surrounded by trees and wooden lamps with string lights. It is rather tight in the area, especially once there’s a show on stage.

I’ll be honest and say that I still do prefer the area to Celebration Plaza in Medieval Faire, if they can fix some of the traffic flow issues.

Later on in the day, I caught the new Tundra: A Cirque Experience show at Canterbury Theatre. I was a little worried whether I would like it or not since I thoroughly enjoyed Cirque Canadien but this show is a great successor. The style of humour remains but with a new story and flow. It’s great!

Today was the first Saturday of Starlight Spectacular for the season so I decided to stay late to check it out. Of course, I had to try a couple long exposures… only a couple because it was still somewhat bright out by 9:30pm…

I like this one.

Starlight Spectacular has returned to the 2012 version which is what I prefer over the movie soundtrack version of the show. It does seem to need some fine-tuning with the spotlights and lasers but it still looks good and I hope they keep the same show formula in the future.


My first meal was the chicken burger from Muskoka Craft. Good stuff.

Later in the day, I did the Marketplace buffet with Tyler. Honestly… this had to be some of the worst food I’ve ever had at the park. But at the same time, I wouldn’t mind doing it again?

Despite it being such a basic theme park food spread, I like the casualness of a buffet and eating a random assortment of things all at once. We arrived rather late so I guess that’s the excuse for the quality. Really, my main motivation to go was for the self-serve soft-serve ice cream. For just $5 with the meal plan, I don’t have any regret. It’s weird.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Trip Notes

It was another gorgeous day on Sunday. Yukon Striker’s crew still doing amazing to get me on the ride quickly. I stopped counting how many times I’ve ridden it some time ago, but I’m averaging like 3-4 rides per visit. I don’t make it a point to ride or marathon it. I just hop in the single rider’s line whenever I feel like it.

They added a Celebration Canada logo sticker to the maple leaf photo spots… I’m hoping they’re just a place holder for something more intricate.

It was a relaxing day through the park, just taking pictures and catching some shows.

Sledge Hammer was doing this weird thing where the cycle would start but the tower wouldn’t rotate so that kept my interest for a long portion of the day…

I was hoping to make it out again on the holiday Monday but my body couldn’t handle it. I had a fantastic weekend and am already excited to get back!


I had the Montreal Smoked Meat pizza from Celebration Canada. It was really good! I really wish they could find a place to use the oven all season long. I love the smell of the wood smoke in the Frontier Canada area.

My second meal was the Enright beef burger from Backlot Cafe. Always consistently good, though it usually does come with a bit of a wait from the kitchen.


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