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August 10/11, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – Taste of Mexico Review

The FIRST Canada’s Wonderland Taste of Mexico Festival!

When the list of Taste festivals went up earlier this year, I was excited to see Taste of Mexico on there as a new event. It’s the first Taste cultural festival for the 2019 season and also the first ever Taste festival to be hosted on International Street. At the time of writing this post, Taste of Greece and Taste of Italy are also slated to be held on International Street.

I’ve essentially treated Taste of Mexico 2019 as a trial run of the event seeing as we saw Taste of Asia last just one season.

Will Taste of Mexico return in 2020? We probably won’t know for a while.

Do I want it to return in 2020? YES, but with a gigantic asterisk.

Pricing Details

The Tasting Card that lets you choose any 4 food items was available for $23.89+tax. Season pass discounts cannot be applied, which was a bit confusing since I was able to use it on the Brew & BBQ Tasting Card.

The Tasting Card for my visit was sponsored by CPFoodBlog. Be sure to check out their Taste of Mexico page for full item pricing.

Time to Eat!

The Tasting Card gave me 4 items including dessert so I used it to get two food items and two desserts. I used my meal plan to get three additional items over the weekend.

Torta Sandwich

You know that I’m a big fan of the wood fire oven they bring out for the food festivals and I was so happy to see it here. They used it for this torta sandwich, as well as the tostadas.

The baked bread was the star, even though it probably should have been the chorizo sausage pieces which weren’t very hot in temperature or spice. I felt like they could have just given us the entire piece of bread instead of using these half pieces.

I waited 45 minutes for this.

Chipotle Pork Burrito Bowl

It was the most generous portion size of all of the items but I didn’t really like the meat. That might have been my bad.

I waited about 40 minutes for this.

Haddock Tacos

I think if the fish were more recently fried, I would have enjoyed it more. It wasn’t hot and you know how fried foods can get once they cool down…

I also didn’t understand why they would serve the sour cream and salsa on or off the tacos randomly between guests. I’d say put it all on it unless it’s requested otherwise.

I waited about 40 minutes for this one too.

Red Chilli and Chicken “Enchiladas”

When I think enchiladas, I’m thinking stuffed rolled tortillas, drowning in cheese and sauce. These were just tiny chicken tacos.

The most regretful 30 minute wait.

Chicken Tamale

This felt like it was the most authentic Mexican food at the event. They didn’t have the fancier chips at the time I got it. The tamale wasn’t particularly flavourful but, mixed with the sour cream and salsa, it was fine. The texture was on point. I wish it was served a bit warmer, though I know that this is something that is terrible if it dries out.

Dessert Nachos

… featuring onions and tomatoes! They might have taken the nachos part a bit too seriously here.

Eating around the onions and tomatoes, it was a very good dessert. It even came with ice cream which wasn’t advertised.

Churro Donuts

The churro donuts had a nice cinnamon sugar coating and was soft and doughy. It was a nice dessert.

Notice the Theme?

I spent a lot of time waiting on food this weekend.

I don’t think they were prepared for just how many guests would come through this weekend, particularly with the Saturday. I think they should have done like Brew & BBQ and start the event during the week on Thursday so they have some time to sort out the issues in time for a busy Saturday.

It was concerning to me to see how much workload was going on one employee that was responsible for dishing out meals to a 45 minute line. She should have gotten backup way sooner than she did.

Then there’s the food quality. The temperature of the food is never hot, aside from the torta bread that went in the oven. There wasn’t anything that I could describe as “full of flavour”. In the end, somehow, the dessert nachos were my favourite item of the weekend, and that’s even with the onion and tomatoes in it.

I want this event to return next year, and you’ll see why below, but they need to figure out a better way to do the food. The menu on paper is great – I was excited for it going in – but it fell way short of my expectations.

Taste of Mexico 2019 Live Entertainment

The live entertainment for Taste of Mexico was some of the best I’ve ever seen at the park’s Taste events.

Over the weekend, The Mariachi Mexico Amigo and the Mexicans Folk Ballet Toronto performed.

The Mariachi band performed a number of classic Latin songs, as well as covered songs outside of the genre, including Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

I loved the Folk Ballet performances because they changed throughout the day.

There was even a Día de Muertos themed performance!

I also love how they have a little parade from the bridge to the stage (near the entrance to Expo). They have horns and spinning noisemakers that gets the crowd hyped for their next show.

Again, I’m a huge fan of the entertainment at Taste of Mexico and would love to see it again next year!

Trip Video

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