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August 17/18, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – Taste of Greece Review

Pricing Details

The Tasting Card that allows you to choose any four items was available for $23.89+tax. For full pricing details from this year’s event, check out this post at CPFoodBlog.

Time to Eat!


This was a new item that popped up on the website for Taste of Greece and was immediately one of my must-tries. Anything that uses that puff pastry is a winner for me. The mix of feta cheese and spinach is perfect. I loved this one! I was pleasantly surprised by the portion size of it, as well as with the Greek salad that comes with several dishes.


I loved the moussaka so much last year that I was so excited to get my hands on some again this year. This year’s tasted so great that I had it twice this weekend!

I love that it comes individually portioned. It makes it more presentable and also much faster to dish out because it’s just transferring the small tin bowl to a plate. There was so much flavour in it and had an abundance of oils to soak up with the pita. I said this last year and I’ll say it again: I want this at Backlot Cafe!

Chicken Souvlaki

I love that the souvlaki is put on a grill before being served, making sure it’s served hot. It tasted great and was cooked well. The Greek potato salad was heavy with the large cut wedges of potato, but happened to be quite refreshing being a cold side dish. The potato was prepared perfectly with it not being mushy at all but also not like I’m biting into a raw potato.


Did you even go to a Greek festival if you didn’t have some baklava?


This was my first time trying these. I was surprised at how dense they were; I was expecting something lighter. It was great though and I’d love to get it again next year!

But Wait, There’s More!

On the other side of International Street at the Sweet Shoppe, they had special items for Taste of Greece! Unfortunately these aren’t on the Tasting Card.

I never did get around to trying any of these but I thought it was really cool to see them going the extra mile with this.

Final Food Thoughts

This was a complete contrast to everything that happened, food-wise, at Taste of Mexico the week before.

First and foremost, all of the food tents were staffed much better, with one of them having up to six employees. While the weather seemed to have scared a lot of the crowds away this weekend, I didn’t see any lines get any longer than around 5 people. The employees were working like well oiled machines, with the cash calling orders to the back, and everyone knowing what their duty was to get food out quickly.

The quality of the food was incredible. Every single thing I tried this weekend tasted so good! Food came out at appropriate temperatures, particularly with the moussaka and chicken souvlaki being served nice and hot.

I have just two suggestions. One would be to find a way to warm up the pita bread. It doesn’t have to be toasted or anything, I just would have preferred it to be served warm rather than room temperature straight from a bag. The other suggestion would be to serve these smaller sized desserts in a paper bowl instead of a plate. It would help with the appearance as every dessert I was handed was all on one side of the plate. The only exception to this would be the dessert nachos at Taste of Mexico that’s been the only dessert that needed to be on a plate.

Taste of Greece 2019 Live Entertainment

Levendia-X and Olympic Bros Orchestra performed this weekend. I believe these two groups were performers at Taste of Greece in previous years.

It was nice to see this performance out in the plaza again but it was toned down compared to previous years. Most notably, the younger groups of male and female dancers were absent this weekend from what I saw.

I think everyone (including me) just expected the weekend to be a washout so they may have been reluctant to have longer and larger performances. The weather held up well for the most part.

The music in the area was kind weird, with the park’s usual soundtrack distracting from the Greek music that only seemed to be focused just around the stage even when the band wasn’t performing. They had a better handle on having the festival music stretch the full span of this side of International Steet during Taste of Mexico.

It really would have been perfection to have the food this year coupled with the entertainment last year.

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