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August 24/25, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – Taste of Italy Review

Taste of Italy is one of the original Taste cultural festivals at Wonderland since 2016. I’ve attended every one of them over the years and so I was interested to see how the 2019 edition of the event would play out. Let’s have a look at my experience with it, shall we?

Pricing Details

The Tasting Card was available for $23.89+tax that allows you to choose any 4 items. All items were available a la carte with prices ranging from $6-10. For full pricing details from this year’s event, head over to this post on CPFoodBlog.

Big thanks to CPFoodBlog for sponsoring the food that I tried this weekend at the festival.

Time to Eat!

Deep Fried Seafood Cone

The seafood was battered quite nicely and made a nice CRUNCH when you bit into each one. The pesto aioli was very rich and went well with the everything.

At the very bottom of the cone was an arugula salad which was all greasy from the fried foods on top of it. I guess that’s the curse of this being served in a cone, which, for a dish like this, I don’t have any problems with. I felt like the salad could have been served separately or omitted completely.

Veal Sandwich

I love veal sandwiches and this one was really nice! I wish these were available in the park on a regular basis. (They once were at a short-lived Italian sandwich place where La Cantina is now.)

Prosciutto Pizza

While the pizza tasted fine, I felt like it wasn’t quite to the level of pizzas I’ve had from this oven before, particularly with the dough. It’s either a different kind of dough they were using or they were rushing due to the long line and didn’t cook it quite right, or a combination of both. It was really floppy at the centre but burnt around the edges. In previous years, the pizzas would be cooked more evenly and had a nice complete crisp layer at the bottom.

But Wait, There’s More!

At the Sweet Shoppe on the other side of International Street, they had a special Taste of Italy menu with garlic parmesan popcorn, Nutella hazelnut crunch apple, and Tiramisu fudge.

While I didn’t indulge in any treats this weekend or the previous, I am glad they are doing these extra Sweet Shoppe menus for the Taste festivals and hope they continue to in the future.

Final Food Thoughts

I’d say that the food this year was good but I was feeling a bit bitter that some of my favourite things from previous years hadn’t made it back this year, particularly the amazing lasagna I had twice last year and the coffee bar with the smooth iced coffee and biscuiti they offered a year before that. I look forward to Taste of Italy next year in hopes that some of my favourite things will make a comeback, and to also take the opportunity to try something different.

Taste of Italy 2019 Live Entertainment

The Fil Bianco Trio (pictured), The Rolling Stronz, and The Pino Cea Band performed throughout the weekend.

I enjoyed hearing the music from the Fil Bianco Trio as it really fit vibe in the event area. I saw the Pino Cea Band last year and would have loved to see them this year but I didn’t stay late enough on either day. I wish they had performed earlier.

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