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September 28, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – First HAUNT visit of the season!

I arrived at the park at around 10am. My plan was to make it a 10-10 day as if it were a July or August day.

I had been dealing with a nasty cold all week so I was trying to take it easy by forcing myself away from most rides. The only ride I rode all day was Sledge.

I did the daytime mazes that are part of Campy Spooky. Spirit Manor is open once again, as well as Cornstalkers which is new for this year for Campy Spooky. I really love walking through the Spirit Manor sets at my leisurely pace because they are so well done.

I don’t do Haunt mazes so it was interesting to see how the Cornstalkers maze is set up. It’s set so nicely in the forest.

I also walked through the Enchanted maze that’s in Planet Snoopy. The lighting with this colour palette is really neat.

There are several new photo ops around the park including this one next to Grab & Go. It’s really well done!

On my way out, I decided to pick up the No Boo Necklace from the Wonderland Store. I thought I was being smart by avoiding the online processing fee by purchasing it in person but after walking out, I realized the total was different than what I checked on the website earlier. I double-checked and found I paid $1 more in person than I would have online. They would not let me get a refund on it…

In the end, I didn’t even turn the thing on for the evening as I was fine walking through every scare zone without it, along with feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation. I didn’t use it too much last year either so I started looking at it as building up a fun little collection… but after this situation this evening, coupled with the fact that the physical product is of cheaper quality than previous, I don’t intend to buy one again in the future.

Eventually it was time to head back in. The fog around the park seemed a lot denser and overall better than previous years, IMO. I’m a big fan of it, even though I get worried about walking straight into someone when you can’t see.

I went to check out the Toxic Party Zone and the show happening there.

The actual show is fantastic, especially the ending where the dancers and a dude with a fog canon come down from the stage to interact with guests.

Outside of the show, the “Toxic Party Zone” is nearly non-existent, other than a small section of the Orbiter path that has cool lighting and fog effects. I was hoping it would have been extended the full length of the path, as well as something similar set up in front of Sledge Hammer. I remain hopeful that they will expand it later, whether that happens later this month or for next year.

The other show I wanted to check out was Devils Circus. It has an all new line-up of acts, besides the divers.

I’d say it’s my favourite year of the show so far.

These chair acts always make me anxious!

This is a must-see show if you’re going to Haunt!

After those two shows, I did some walking around the park. I didn’t find any of the other shows to be my cup of tea so I didn’t bother with them. I took some time to do some long exposure shots which is one of my favourite things to do during Haunt nights.

I can’t say I had a bad time this evening but I can’t say I had an amazing time either. The two shows were the highlights of the evening but then there were things like the No Boo situation and the fact that the majority of food stations at Backlot Cafe were closed for the evening that kind of dampened my spirits. I do intend to stay for Haunt again at least one more time this season so we’ll see how the next evening goes!

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