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September 7/8, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – What Season is It?

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just after 10am. This was the first weekend in a while without any events happening, but soon we’ll have Oktoberfest, Haunt, and Winterfest! The weather has gotten much cooler already, even with the sun poking out occasionally over the weekend.

While taking a morning ride on Sledge Hammer, I noticed something new in the distance… The Coca-Cola Refreshment Station received a new facade. It looks much better than the really generic previous one. I’ve always wished they would just make it into an actual small building to house a Refresh Centre. It’s always just been a small row of vending machines here.

The Fun Shoppe near the Bat is now closed as they prepare for Winterfest. The Medieval Funnel cakes shop in the same building still remains open though.

In the Sweet Shoppe on International Street, they still have some of the festival fudge available. I’m still deciding whether to grab some before the season is over or if to wait for Winterfest…

The Medieval Faire archway was repaired during the week. It had been covered with burlap for much of the summer as it had some damage.

There’s a new crossbeam on Yukon Striker spanning between some of the footers on the lake. I’m not really sure what it’s for.

There hasn’t been too much Haunt prep around the park yet, aside from skeletons being placed around International Street and at Leviathan and Yukon Striker.


I shared four dozen Tiny Tom donuts with Tyler. Tiny Tom donuts are always a nice treat!

I had the cheeseburger basket from Kings Feast. It was great.

My second meal was the fish and chips from Coasters. This is the second consecutive time Coasters has let me down with overcooked food. I’m inclined to say that this was the worst meal I’ve had at the park this season.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:45am.

Canada’s Wonderland won the Golden Ticket Award for Innovation of the Year for 2019 with the Yukon Striker bin system. I hope it’ll mean that other parks will consider things like this… not just the same bin system, but with handling loose articles better in general.

After some rides, I felt like having a coffee break… I originally wanted Tim’s coffee but both of the Tim Hortons in the park had longer lines than the Starbucks so I opted for that. I hope the park would consider adding additional Tim’s Express locations around the park like the one in KidZville, especially as the season has gotten longer into the colder months.


My first meal was the chicken tender sandwich basket from Roadside Chicken. It was really good!

I had the chicken souvlaki from Backlot Cafe for my second meal. Great stuff!

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