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Oct 12/13, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – RIP My Fear of Mazes

NOTE: This post contains maze spoilers!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

I arrived at the park at around 10:15am. It was raining earlier but was starting to ease up around this time.

With the weather conditions being rather dreary for the morning, it kept a lot of people away from the park. Most rides had little to no lines. I managed to walk onto all three B&Ms and Vortex within less than an hour of being at the park.

I don’t get to ride Leviathan very often because I despise that queue so I took advantage of today’s 1-2 train wait times. I got five rides on it as the sun started to come out for a bit. Once it got overcast and windy again, I decided to stop then.

Sink the Jerk has a new “Adult Content” warning sign.

I become less and less of a fan of this each night that I’m here. I’d much rather see an actual show here.

I decided to take a ride on Soaring Timbers which I hadn’t in a long while. It was a snoozefest but the ops were great at trying their best at loading and unloading as quickly as possible.

It was a good day for rides even though I probably could have taken more advantage of it. I still have yet to use my free Fast Lane and I probably will end up not using it, which is what happened last year.

I ended off the day with Marketplace Buffet with Tyler. This was easily the best experience I’ve had at the buffet, ever.

They had butter chicken out which is something I haven’t seen until now. They had the fish out again except they didn’t pour on ranch dressing this time! They also had some fall menu items, including ham at the carving station, butternut squash soup (I didn’t really like it though), and some pumpkin pies and apple desserts.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

I arrived at the park at around 10:40am. I was feeling really tired so I went straight to the Tim Hortons in the park for a coffee.

I usually order a “medium regular dark roast” which has always been understood but for some reason it confused the [clearly not new] associate who had to clarify whether I wanted it “regular or dark roast”… Why would I say dark roast at all if I didn’t want a dark roast?

The lady behind me ordered the exact same thing and the same way so the associate repeated it word by word trying to process it and seemed to get it then.

It was a confusing start to the morning.

Since I had a coffee in hand and wasn’t feeling up to speed to ride anything yet, I had a seat in front of Sledge which did a test cycle and then went back up.

I nearly spit out my coffee because I started laughing that it e-stopped in the air with one single guest on board. Sledge did not have a good morning.

I hopped over to Windseeker since it’s one of those rides I can manage even when I’m not feeling that great.

I started laughing at Sledge Hammer again because I watched it e-stop in the same manner as we were ascending the tower.

And then I started laughing even harder when the ride suddenly started slowing down at the top.

We’ve all seen Windseeker stopped at the top but it’s taken me this long to actually be on it when it’s happened. It made a noise as we were approaching the top so I thought it was trying to end the cycle early but then some of the tires started making a noise as if they were skidding. It quickly slowed down to a stop, pointing me toward Action Zone but unfortunately keeping Sledge out of my view.

After the initial first minute of anxiety sitting almost 300′ up in some gusty wind, I calmed down and started to enjoy the view. I tried looking back at Yukon Striker every time a train came up and was happy to see people waving to us. After about 15 minutes, the ride was brought down. I actually really enjoyed the really smooth descent down the tower without spinning.

I was disappointed there weren’t any Fast Lane vouchers offered once we got off but I’ll live.

Even after the Windseeker experience, I still had no energy, so I spent a lot of time just sitting around. I did manage a ride on Psyclone and Yukon later on in the day.

Eventually it was time for another Haunt night! My main goals for the night were to do Spirit Manor and maybe Bloodshed… Tyler and I ended up doing all 9 mazes.

I wanted to do Spirit Manor to see what it was like during Haunt after walking through it in the day. I think it was missing a lot of scareactors because there weren’t as many jump scares as I was expecting. It was still really cool though because the sets look even better with all of the effects going. I thought they could have kept the thunderstorm sound and lighting effects in the daytime too because that really added a cool atmosphere for the maze, but not necessarily adding to the spookiness of it.

I was a bit worried about being forced into Cornstalkers but I ended up really enjoying it. Before getting to the actual maze, they guided us two into a shack where they take our picture normally and then a second one where they blast a horn as they take the picture. This effect was already spoiled for me by others but I’m not so sure I would have been noticeably startled by it anyway. It just hurt my ears. I laughed so hard reviewing the two pictures at the end of the maze because it looks like the same picture twice.

I did get a few jump scares in Cornstalkers. The huge rat animatronic at the end is really cool!

I wanted to do Bloodshed to end off my run of mazes because it was my first and only maze I ever did since 2006 when it was in Kingswood. It’s another tandem maze where you have to go through Forest of Fear first.

I like the set design of Forest of Fear. I liked all of the twists and turns of the path because it felt like it just kept going. What I didn’t like were the hanging vine curtain things…. There were times when I missed a jump scare by an actor because I was trying to get untangled from one of the curtains.

There it was… Bloodshed! The sign looks pretty much the same as I remember from 2006. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything like what I remember.

I didn’t think it was as scary as 2006 but it’s probably because I’ve gotten better at going through mazes. It had the same feel as Forest of Fear that we just went through but I didn’t think it had as good details. In the 2006 version, I vividly remember running through huge hanging pig corpses and parts where the floor would be covered in fake cockroaches.

After going through Bloodshed, the only maze I hadn’t done this year was Code Red so I decided I might as well do it to finish off the list.

This maze had me more confused than Sci-Fi House right off the bat… because the sign for Code Red is lit up in green…

This was the Asylum until it was quickly changed up a few years ago because of outrage over how it was offensive. (It was really just one dude making a fuss.) So now it’s supposed to be a lab? Which I guess is in a military base??

There are elements to it that are obvious remnants of the original Asylum maze but I didn’t really understand what everything else was supposed to be. I wish I had done this maze when it was still the Asylum…

After finishing off the full list of mazes between this and last weekend, I decided to go back to the ones I did last weekend to do the entire list in one evening.

The Crypt was way creepier the first time going through it. I took more time to admire the sets in this run. The details are so good.

Then it was over to Sci-Fi House which was still weird. Still better than Code Red.

We capped off the night with the Ruins and Blackout. This time, no one around me had a flashlight so it was really dark and hard to see. It was still a very good experience and I noticed other things I didn’t when I did have the flashlight (though I don’t know if that’s just because certain effects weren’t working the first time I went through). Blackout was disappointing because there was no inflatable air wall at the end and there were parts of the maze that had some light bleeding from the ceiling. There were more actors in the maze this time which was cool because they’d just pop out of the darkness. My fear came true and I did end up walking into the person in front of me as everyone slowed down in a darker part of the maze.

All in all, this was the best night I’ve ever had at Haunt, ever. It was nearly ruined by an awful experience I had with food but I had way too much fun to let it. I’m not sure if this is my last Haunt visit for the season but, if it is, at least we’re ending on a high note.

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