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Oct 26/27, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – Goodbye for Now

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park early at around 9:30am. I was excited to get the final weekend going…

The two lamp posts that were in front of the floral flag area have been swapped out for the taller ones like those along the Royal Fountains. They have a couple of spotlights and multicoloured LED flood lights. I assume they will blend in a little better with some Christmas decor for Winterfest. The existing posts along the Fountains have new speakers and flood lights.

There are also two new spotlights on top of the Funpix store and the Canada’s Wonderland Store. All of this is making me so excited as the tree lighting ceremony is shaping up to be spectacular!

The Canada’s Wonderland Store has a wooden cabin style scene thing in the back corner. I’m guessing it’ll be a photo op for Winterfest.

The Canada’s Wonderland Store, True North Gifts, and the Locker Room were all doing 60% off sales for the final weekend.

I headed into Medieval Faire and was taken aback by the huge stage built in front of Arthur’s Baye. I knew there would be some sort of stage for the show that will be here but I didn’t expect it to be that large.

Again, just seeing the early prep for Winterfest has me so excited to come back in a few weeks!

It was surprising to see the security block at the Medieval Faire entrance removed before 10am… but I was even more surprised to see a loaded train on Leviathan leaving the station as I was making my way to the station, still about 5 minutes until the park officially opened for the day. It’s always really awesome when they can show some flexibility like that.

I was able to get 3 rides on it that morning before it got too cold for me.

It was a good morning for rides but I picked up my free Fast Lane Plus wristband once lines started to grow a bit. I met up with Tyler at this point.

I always put off redeeming my free FL because I always think there’s some other day that may be better for it, but then that goes on until we’re at the end of the season. I didn’t even redeem it at all last year.

I used Fast Lane for Riptide, Wilde Beast, Vortex, Shockwave, Behemoth, Backlot, Sledge, and Leviathan. It certainly helped for a couple of those rides. If they decide to do the promotion again next year, I’ll (hopefully) convince myself to redeem it earlier in the fall.

I had made a mental list of things I really wanted to do this weekend, and one of those things was a last walk through Spirit Manor. I’ve just been so happy that I finally enjoy Haunt that I wanted to take in a maze for a final time this year, even if it wasn’t during Haunt.


I got the beef burger at Muskoka Craft Burgers because they didn’t have the chicken burger. I am grateful that they still accepted the dining plan for it as it isn’t normally on the dining plan… but part of me wishes they didn’t…

I was disappointed to end up with what I’m 99% sure were Lay’s chips (which has happened before). I was even more disappointed that my burger was burnt to a crisp. The only redeeming factor was that the cheese was actually melted.

I got the sausage from Coasters. It’s always a pretty dependable meal.

I was originally going to go to Backlot Cafe but it mysteriously closed before 4pm this weekend. (I say mysteriously because they never posted closing hours for people to know.) Everyone trying the doors ended up marching over to Coasters. This has been noticeably bad season for food service with the things I’ve experienced throughout the year, so it made me kind of laugh at how it was ending appropriately for it.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trip Notes

I got to the park just before 10am with Tyler. It was forecast to rain throughout the morning and ease up into the afternoon. It certainly kept the crowds away today.

We did Behemoth twice in the front. The trims didn’t touch the train at all so we went sailing over the hills. I’d say it was some of the best rides I had on it all season.

Since the lines were light, the longest thing we waited for was the Fly, which was about 15-20 minutes. I can’t remember the last time I rode it. (Certainly over a decade ago.) It was fun and I’m glad I didn’t get destroyed by any hard braking.

Peanuts Putt-Putt was closed for the day. It was a chance to grab some pictures without kids running through it, and to say goodbye to the eye-rolling Snoopy that’s my display picture for my social accounts. This area will be used for the new kids ride for next year.

I made my way back to Sledge throughout the day, doing a total of 7 rides on it. It was impressive to see it go through cycles without issue… Possibly one of the best days I’ve seen it have this year. It was a pleasant feeling to end the season.

It was a great weekend to send off another season, doing all the rides I wanted to and others that I don’t regularly do.

I’ve still got that end-of-season sadness, but also a huge excitement for Winterfest so the impact hasn’t been as great as it has been in the past. I can’t wait to be back at these gates in just a few weeks!


My first meal was the chicken sandwich from Roadside Chicken. I specifically went for it today because I’ve always been impressed with it the couple of times I got it during the summer. It wasn’t quite as good today but it was still fine.

I made sure to get to Backlot Cafe early for my second meal so I wouldn’t be locked out again. I wanted to make sure to end the season with butter chicken, because it’s one of my favourite meals at the park and was also my first meal of the season. I hope I’ll get a bonus round of butter chicken during Winterfest.

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