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Oct 5, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Trip Report – I have seen the light… or darkness?

NOTE: This post contains maze spoilers!

I arrived at the park just after 10am.

I did my usual morning routine through Action Zone, hitting up Behemoth and Sledge, then making my way over to Yukon. They have their Crew of the Year plaque resting on the window inside the op booth. Congrats! Well deserved!

The hot chocolate stall has popped up again near Slingshot. The Chuck Wagon near Canyon Trader has been converted into a hot chocolate and churro stall.

With Winterfest coming up that offers a refillable hot chocolate mug, I wonder if there could ever be a mug for hot drinks in the fall as well. I’d love to have one on those chilly fall days starting in September.

The Splashworks washrooms have finally been boarded up after all of these weekends of people trying to enter them. It’s listed on the Haunt map which I imagine was their motivation for making the new exterior entrances in the first place but I don’t really understand the thought process when they kept randomly closing throughout the season.

I hope they can do whatever they need to do to keep them open all year long next year.

There are new seasonal funnel cakes! Planet Snoopy funnel cakes is serving “Spookies N’Creams” funnel cake. International Street and Fightertown are serving the pumpkin spice and apple cider funnel cakes. And Med Faire funnel cakes are serving the Winterfest funnel cakes already.

I met up with John later in the day and we did a few rides. Eventually it was time to leave the park. I came back for Haunt by myself.

After the little incident with the No Boo necklace last week¬†and the fact that I didn’t use it, I decided to leave it at home. Since then, I was considering doing a maze since I haven’t done one since 2006. (The fact that I buy No Boo necklaces should tell you about my fear tolerance and my interest for Haunt things.) I always thought the mazes may be too much for me but, since the scare zones don’t really scare me, I thought I might as well give a maze a try.

** Maze spoilers ahead, even though you’ve probably already been through them… **

I got the recommendation from a couple people to do Sci-Fi House because the lighting lets you see very clearly throughout the maze. I had no idea some of the mazes work in tandem with others where you have to go through one to get through the other. I made my way to Sci-Fi House and saw people going underneath a rope so I figured it was some sort of temporary queue that wasn’t being used yet. Someone eventually came and yelled at everyone to go to the Crypt first so I did just that.

The Crypt made me uncomfortable because of how narrow the passageways feel and there’s areas where there’s fake props that look like it could be people mixed in with actual actors. It was fun to stick with a group that was screaming the whole way.

After the Crypt, I walked over to the Sci-Fi House where I ended up in a group with screaming girls and a bunch of macho teenagers… It was HILARIOUS. The maze just seems like it’s self-aware that it’s not one of the more detailed ones. There was an actor that said something really silly and we all kind of stopped and went… “wat?” There was also a part where the girls were too spooked to keep moving so we stopped in this part where there’s a thing just banging around in a hole in the wall and I was standing there laughing at how silly it looked. I think a lot of people don’t like this maze because it’s not exactly creepy or scary but I loved it because it’s so ridiculous.

I went over to the Ruins and Blackout. I really wanted to do Blackout because it sounded like an interesting concept. It’s another tandem maze where you have to go through the Ruins first to get to Blackout. I really think they should communicate this somewhere…

I ended up really enjoying the Ruins. They give out flashlights to go through the maze with but not to everyone. I was the last one when the line got cut off and I ended up alone with a couple after everyone else moved more quickly through the maze. It was really fun laughing with them as I had the flashlight and was trying to lead the way.

Blackout was alright. I liked the inflatable wall at the end and thought the maze could use more interesting things like that since there was only one actor at the beginning. I was mostly scared of walking into the back of someone ahead of me. I can see why Blackout can’t really stand as its own individual maze.

As the night went on, the park got very busy with long lines for rides, mazes, and food. I definitely recommend showing up early if you want to walk into mazes without waiting.

I love whenever the park brings in live bands. There was one at the beer patio next to Roadside Chicken and a roaming drum band that had really cool LED costumes.

I went to watch the Radioactive LED show at the Toxic Party Zone again to see if there was anything new. The show is the same but the guy with the fog canon has a cool LED helmet and suit now. Unfortunately his fog canon wasn’t working properly so he left really quickly.

Somehow the Toxic Party Zone has gotten even more disappointing as the music is quieter and the fog is a lot less dense on the Orbiter path. I’m disappointed in what I thought would have been my favourite part of Haunt this year.

My opinion of Haunt has always been negative because I’ve associated it with bad memories of past visits. With the fun I had in the mazes and with the park doing more for live entertainment, I had great evening which has helped change my opinion on Haunt. I’ll never be a hardcore Haunt fan but I can look forward to another visit to Haunt which isn’t something I would have said or done in the past.

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