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Dec 14, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Winterfest Trip Report – Beware of falling snow and tears

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 2:45pm. The north side of the parking lot (where I usually park) was closed off so everyone was being forced to stay on the south side. When I was leaving at the end of the night, I saw that the barricades were removed but there were only a couple of rows of cars parked on that side.

Once I got inside, it felt like I wasn’t really supposed to be allowed in yet. Staff with shovels were in the midst of pushing aside puddles and slush, and they had a plow going up and down the hill toward the Wonder Mountain washrooms. In the distance, I saw Klockwerks was cycling so I was relieved that they hadn’t given up on rides.

Throughout the evening, I’d see the occasional small plow driving along with a couple security guards keeping people away from its path.

They have a new indoor waiting area for St. Nick’s Pics.

With the temperature fluctuating throughout the evening, these signs became more important. There were times I’d see snow slide off of building awnings, but it never hit anyone and it wasn’t enough to be dangerous anyway.

I finally watched Tinker’s Toy Factory in Canterbury Theatre.

There’s this scene in the show where the main character is sad and she starts doing an acrobatic performance that’s set to beautiful music… It made me teary eyed. I don’t even think they meant for it to hit like that but I’m a sucker for violins.

I didn’t even look up the show at other parks until I got home. I hadn’t realized the other parks’ Tinker’s Toy Factory shows are all just singing shows. The one at Wonderland combines the singing show with cirque style performances. It’s a great combo!

It always amazes me how they can work their acrobatic needs like this trampoline into the set so seamlessly.

The stages around the park were slippery so they had modified performances. For the tree lighting ceremony, the performers got up on stage but stayed in their spot with very little dancing. It’s still so good anyway with the lighting and their singing.

Cool Yule couldn’t use their stage at all so they performed down at ground level. It was hard to see, naturally, but it actually felt more intimate being so close to the performers. The crowd seemed to be more willing to sing along compared to the times I watched the show before.

Holly Jolly Trolley went on as usual. There was an incredible moment when one of the songs was ending and snow blew off of Drop Tower or building nearby that lightly showered everyone. The timing felt like it was part of the show!

I love the hits in Four Drummers Drumming that shake my insides.

I promised myself one ride every visit so I went for Knightmares. I wanted to try looking out at the park while in the air but I ended up hurting my neck a bit.

Even with the weather testing the park, I had a great evening!


My first meal was the chicken tenders from Kings Feast. I just wanted something quick and to sit down in the warming station… unfortunately, the warming station at Kings Feast was leaking like crazy so it was impossible to sit down at any of the benches. I ended up walking around with my fries in hand.

My second meal was the vegetarian thali at Marketplace. I’ve always wanted to try the other curries that are in Backlot Cafe during the regular season but never wanted to use a meal plan credit to test it so I was excited at the chance to be able to try them both at the same time.

It wasn’t a terrible meal… but it was underwhelming. There was no spiciness to it but there was also not enough flavours in the curries to make up for that. I do like that it is a complete meal and, again, it didn’t taste bad. I was just expecting more, flavour-wise.

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