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Dec 21, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Winterfest Trip Report – Yum!

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just before 3pm.

They were in the process of loading up the map bins when I entered so I’m not sure if they’re emptied and replaced daily or if they got the new updated printed maps that same day.

It’s pretty cool to have the two versions as it’ll make for a fun little story when we look back at them years from now.

I felt like riding something before I ate so I hopped onto Knightmares. I’ve ridden it more times already during Winterfest than in the last couple years and I’m not done with it yet! I’ve grown a bigger appreciation for it, especially with Orbiter gone.

The lines for Tinker’s Toy Factory get crazy long deeper into the evening so I hurried over to Canterbury Theatre after a quick meal at Backlot Cafe.

After taking a nice walk through the park, it was tree lighting time. It really is my favourite part of the evening as it feels like the event hasn’t really started until this show, even if you see other shows before it.

I caught a few other shows for the rest of the evening. I still have Cool Yule as my pick for my favourite show, though other shows are so close up behind it that it’s almost a tie.

I ended up taking another ride on Knightmares and then walked over to Viking’s Rage. I was actually a bit surprised at how long of a line Knightmares was accumulating. It had reached about three full switchbacks when I was in line. (Those switchbacks are about one cycle’s worth of people in each length by my estimate.)

I wandered into the Christmas Market hoping to get my hands on the prime rib sandwich but was sad to see it was removed from the menu. I ended up at Marketplace for my dinner meal. I find there isn’t as big of a rush to get into Marketplace nearing the end of the evening, though there’s always someone in line for the turkey dinner.

It was another lovely evening at Winterfest. I still get too overwhelmed and excited to think straight once I get here, but I’m starting to get into a routine of things that I enjoy the most, by picking out meals I want beforehand (with alternates in case things don’t work out like the prime rib sandwich), riding rides when I’m in the mood to, and making sure to catch the shows that I love the most. Too bad there’s probably only one or two visits left for me for the year!


I had the bison burger from Backlot Cafe and let me tell you… it was the best burger I’ve ever had at the park. I miss it dearly from when it was a regular season menu item a couple years ago.

The first one I had at Winterfest was missing the bacon but was still good. This one with the bacon was next level. I’ll probably be back for one more by the end of the season, even though I don’t have much time left.

I got the cookie dough cannoli from Merry Mountainside Cafe. It was good, though I probably should have paired this with a hot drink as it was a dry pastry. At $5, I personally think it’s the best affordable dessert at Winterfest.

There’s a long line for the turkey carving station at Marketplace whenever I’ve checked but when I arrived this time there were only two people in line… I still ended up waiting a good 10 minutes. This station is constantly running out of things and this time it was the vegetables.

However, I’ll take that wait as they did not skimp on any part of this meal. It really is perfectly well-rounded. I’m not even a big fan of turkey but this is probably my second favourite meal at Winterfest right behind the bison burger. As with the bison burger, I wouldn’t mind getting this again!

It was a great night for my stomach and tastebuds.

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