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Dec 28, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Winterfest Trip Report – Farewell to a Wonderful Year

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 2:45pm.

… At this point in the Winterfest season, it’s easy to see that I fell into a routine so my visits started to repeat themselves, which is a good thing because it was so overwhelming before not really knowing what to do next.

I rope dropped Thunder Run, where a lot of other people immediately headed since it’s the first thing people encounter heading into the park that way. I waited a couple cycles before I could board the Polar Express.

Later on in the day, I did Wilde Knightmares which ended up being my last ride of the calendar year. It’s not that I disliked this ride before, just that I now have a new appreciation for it and will probably hop on it more often next summer.

My last tree lighting ceremony of the year. I never missed it during any of my visits because it really is a highlight at Winterfest for me.

Every time I saw Tinker’s Toy Factory at Centerbury Theatre, it was the very first show of the day so I was always able to just stroll in through the front door, even as the theatre was nearly full. For any showtime after that, they have huge mobs of people on either side of the theatre waiting for the next show. This brought back memories of the Paramount days when loading the theatre through the side doors was the norm.

This evening, I saw a later show so I waited on the south side of the theatre. It was well organized as every door was opened at the same time and staff were there to keep things under control.

Tinker’s is one of my favourite shows and I really hope that something like it returns for next year.

I went to book a skating time earlier in the day and they actually had time slots as late as 9:30pm which indicated that at least the rink was staying open until 10pm (an hour past the scheduled close time at 9pm). Some of the food places on International Street remained opened but I’m not sure if any other areas of the park were still open.

So that’s it for my year at Canada’s Wonderland and Winterfest! They really made it a special year by allowing me to enjoy the holiday vibes at a place I love so much. Thank you to all of the staff and performers at the park who made the first Wonderland Winterfest the amazing event that it is!


I got the bison burger at Backlot Cafe, my third for the season. Delicious!

My last meal at the park was the turkey dinner from Marketplace. So filling!

Before leaving, I decided to have the apple churros from Alphorn Funnel Cakes on International Street. At less than $6 after taxes and the pass discount, this takes over the cannoli for my pick for best value dessert. It even comes with ice cream! I would absolutely get this multiple times if they had this during the regular season. The churros are fried for each order so they come to you warm, though they do cool down rapidly once you go outside.

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