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Dec 7, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Winterfest Trip Report – Skating in a Winter Wonderland

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at 3pm and cruised right through the gates.

I was with Tyler today and we went straight to book a skating time. I don’t own my own skates so I had to rent them which came up to $11.30 with taxes.

They have this new board at what’s normally a height check station with all of the time slots. They do actually update it throughout the day to say which time slots are sold out.

You’re given this ticket when you register a time and are told to come back half an hour before the scheduled skate time. At that time, you head into the skate rental shop (whether or not you’re actually renting skates) to sign a waiver and then get your wristband. If you need to rent skates, you pay at that point and then move along to the skate rental counter where you can ask for a size.

You can try them on while you’re in there to check that they’re the right size for you. I had to exchange mine because I picked a size too small. I found that the skates have a very narrow fit so they were really squeezing my toes even though they were fine length-wise. They also have a toe pick which was a bit concerning for me since I was scared I’d accidentally catch it while skating. I did slightly graze it a couple times while taking a stride on the ice so it was a good reminder to be mindful of it.

More on my skating experience later on in this post.

I went to eat at Backlot Cafe and saw that they pushed back the fencing to include the Poutinerie truck and a new hot chocolate refill centre.

So far I’ve been taking one ride during each visit. This week was Klockwerks. Always fun!

After the tree lighting ceremony, they put on these new spotlights in the front gate plaza area. They project a couple patterns but mostly snowflakes. They also have some of these spotlights in Planet Snoopy/Charlie Brown’s Christmas Town. It’s a very nice effect!

After checking out a show and hanging around, it was time to skate! Every year I tell myself that I’m going to go skating… That never happened since 2013. With Wonderland having a rink, I didn’t have an excuse not to this year.

I got my skate rentals and went over to the changing area. They have a large row of bins at the back of the changing area but I didn’t even realize they were there until after. I left my boots under the bench I changed at.

Skating toward Wonder Mountain is such a cool experience. I didn’t feel too out of place being an amateur with about 1/4 of the people on the ice clinging to the walls and just trying to stay upright. I was able to get a decent stride going pretty quickly into the 30 minute session.

There are a couple of issues I had, however. For one, the ice was in very rough shape so just gliding down the ice was uncomfortable with all of the bumps and my skates catching the grooves in the ice occasionally. The other issue was a serious one that I hope can be corrected… There were several people, mostly young kids, speeding and weaving through everyone. The staff on the ice were great and immediately went to assist anyone who fell down, but there was no enforcement with the rules against speed skating and weaving between guests. These are the guests who brought their own skates so they didn’t pay to skate – I don’t see why there would be an issue ejecting these guests from the rink. It made me really uncomfortable hearing someone coming up quickly behind me, and then literally ducking in between the couple skating ahead of me. It’s unnecessary on a leisure rink like this.

But I still had a great time and am planning on buying my own set of skates, hopefully before the end of the Winterfest season so I can skate here again!

It was another evening that came and went way too quickly, but it’s amazing how each weekend has been unique to each other. See you next weekend!


I had the ham tacos from Backlot Cafe. It was extremely salty but still enjoyable.

I got the four variations of the maple syrup taffy sticks at Sugar Bush, thanks to CPFoodBlog.

They have a small container filled with shaved ice that they pour hot maple syrup on. They then roll a stick over it to pick it up.

I thought that they could make it more of an attraction if they had it outside in a plaza area with a larger container of shaved ice so that people can watch it being made up close. Maybe even have guests roll it onto the stick themselves.

As for the actual treat, I don’t have a particularly super sweet tooth so having two was more than enough for me. I tried the bacon and salted variations while Tyler had the classic and brown sugar ones. I personally preferred the bacon since the salt was too overpowering. If I were to go back and buy one, I’d probably just get the classic. But I think I’m good for this year.

Tried going to Holiday Craft Burgers for a burger – Closed half an hour early.

Tried going to Kidz Hot Potato for Mac and Cheese – No mac and cheese.

So I ended up going for chicken tenders at Snoopy’s Suppertime, which was a fine plan C since I had been craving fries.

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