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Nov 30, 2019 Canada’s Wonderland Winterfest Trip Report – Passing by some Flying Eagles

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 2:45pm. The gates opened five minutes later.

The Funpix store next to front gate guest services is now a place to purchase (but not refill) the souvenir hot chocolate mugs which have been wildly popular judging by the lines at every refill station.

The time before the tree lighting seems to be the best time to walk onto rides and have the best views of the shows. I walked right onto Wilde Knightmares as it was loading the next cycle. I hadn’t ridden it this year but it was the same ride experience I remember, just colder.

I got a good laugh at the op saying, “Enjoy your nightmare,” which seems inappropriate for Winterfest but I loved it.

I took a walk through the kids areas and was surprised to see Taxi Jam open. The path between Kidzville and Vortex is now open so, in addition to Taxi Jam, Flying Eagles is another surprise ride opening. Muskoka Craft Burger and Beer has been opened and renamed to Holiday Craft Burger and Beer Bar.

Along that path, they had some of the trick or treat scarezone houses out, all decorated with lights and Christmas trees.

The Four Drummers Drumming has been moved from the Wonder Mountain’s Guardian locker area to underneath Vortex’s entrance awning. Great fit!

After a walk around the park, I started to stop at some of the shows. I still haven’t seen the beginning of Holly Jolly Trolley but whatever I do manage to see is such a treat. It’s a great show, though I wish the trolley was built a little more robust.

At this point, Cool Yule Christmas show is my pick for favourite show because of how grand the stage is with the giant tree and because of the number of performers there are.

Of course, I had to check out the tree lighting ceremony at 5:30! This time I got a spot up close.

I was disappointed in their shoutout to Canadian Tire in the short speech just before they got the countdown started since it kind of takes away from the show. I don’t support any sort of corporate shoutout in any show because of how pure they all are as is. And while we’re complaining, I am also disappointed that they’re closing Marketplace for private events during Winterfest when every indoor space is greatly needed for all guests.

Love the Mistletones!

I made sure to take a walk through the newly opened pathway at night to take in the lights. I am so impressed by how much they managed to get done in under a week.

I’m happy to have another long exposure target open! I haven’t taken many long exposure night shots of Flying Eagles before.

I caught Cool Yule Christmas again in the evening because it is a show that’s even more enjoyable once the sun goes down. The tree lights, the string lights off of the Arthur’s Baye structure, and the great use of spotlights makes it so immersive.

It was another fantastic evening at Winterfest at Canada’s Wonderland, and, again, it felt like it went by way too quickly!


I had the mac and cheese with baked ham from Alpen Cheesery. It was really good! I was a bit concerned by how much of the ham “water” was in it but it did add a nice sweet flavour to go with the saltiness of the ham and cheese.

I bought the pull apart bread from the Christmas Market in Courtyard. It was so disappointing.

On the menu underneath the name, it says “classic – cream cheese – candy cane” so I assumed there were three different flavours… There was only one that had the cream cheese frosting and candy cane sprinkles on top. The mint from the candy cane wasn’t really a flavour I enjoyed. The bread was stale, dry, and so plain. It could only be enjoyable by dipping the pieces in the syrup at the bottom of the pan.

I absolutely do not recommend getting this.

The beef ravioli at Backlot Cafe has been changed to beef cannelloni. I think it’s a change for the better because I enjoyed it, even though it had been clearly been sitting around for a while.

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