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Goodbye 2020!

I would say it’s a year to forget but, if anything, it’s probably a year we should remember, whether we want to or not. After an amazing year at Wonderland and other parks in 2019, this year has made me think about how much I’ve taken them for granted. I’ll definitely be feeling things the moment I get back.

Anyways, now that we’re about to enter a new year, I can’t help but look back at the year and reflect on it. That’s what I do every year. The difference is that 2020 progressed so drastically different from what I was originally thinking the year would look like that there’s a lot to take in.

Making Something Out of the Year

I’ve always enjoyed switching gears to a more creative side during the winter off-season where I’d find a project to keep me busy, though usually I’d find myself running out of time too quickly to get anything really exciting done. When the parks and everything else started announcing delays and cancellations back in March, I knew that I’d have more time on my hands. I thank my past self for splurging on the 3D printer in March… I don’t know what this year would have been like without it.

My Orbiter project is definitely one of those highlight projects of mine, one that I would have tried to accomplish over a winter off-season… though I don’t think I would have actually completed it in a normal off-season period. This year has dragged on in such a way that I didn’t realize I was done with this project all the way back in August! I learned a lot from it, but with things not going exactly my way with it, I do find it a bit harder to get going with my next functioning ride model.

If I had to pick my favourite project of the year, I’d give the slight edge to my non-functioning Windseeker model. It was never in the cards to have it move on its own so the pressure was taken off. I find larger and complicated models to be very overwhelming to take on considering I only know what I know from YouTube tutorials and trial-and-error. In the early design stages, I wasn’t even sure if I could print it and it was one of the projects where I was half expecting it would be one of those designs that would end up in the junk pile. With the design slowly coming together and with encouragement from Twitter (I love you guys), I got to printing. I’m still amazed at how well it all came together without much struggle.

I also love looking back at all of the little signs and things I’ve made in addition to those two main projects. Most recently, I went back and printed out a larger version of the Gilroy Gardens garlic. I printed a tiny version of it some time back so the kid has a dad now. Check out the Derailed Projects blog for more like this… I’ll get around to updating it with more of these smaller prints as I’ve fallen wayyy behind on that….

Be Positive… No, Not Like That!

I’ve been hesitant to talk a lot about it because I don’t want to overshare… but I did test positive for COVID-19 with just weeks left in 2020. I was completely shocked when I logged in to see my result. All I’ll say is if you have even the slightest thought that you may have it, get tested.

My case will be “resolved” in the last week of the year which I look at as a blessing. It’s like I get to start 2021 with a truly clean slate. I know 2021 is not going to be a perfect year but I don’t think it hurts going into it with positive vibes.

New Year Plans

In terms of park plans, I have no intention of international travel in 2021. I do hope that things will be calmer by spring/summer where Wonderland will be able to open for their 40th season. I’d also like to get to Marineland… I’ve never been before and they just installed a new Zierer Star Shape. Leave it to a shiny new flat to get me through the gate.

I also want to keep making things, even when parks are available to me for weekly visits again. Being able to bring ideas to physical life, no matter how simplistic some of them were, has been very rewarding and I want to keep that going more consistently throughout the year as opposed to just during the winter off-season.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting the blog. Wishing you all the best in 2021!

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