June 16, 2018 Trip Report – Feeling hot hot hot

Trip Notes

I got to the park right at opening to see Leviathan doing test cycles. It was good to see it running since I had heard it was closed all day yesterday.

A hot sunny Saturday naturally draws people in. I really wish they’d have a few lanes for people without bags.

By the time I got through security, Snoopy was just starting his symphony.

With the crowds here, this was more of a nice walking day through the park, hopping into a few ride queues here and there.

When it comes to the 2019 coaster construction, I’ve been admiring the footers and glancing at the site but I don’t really find myself into it as much as everyone else seems to be. I like to see it all come together without bothering to make predictions… probably because I was one of those who doubted the thought of a giga when ground broke for Leviathan.

I stroll through Splashworks a couple times a year to get some shots of Behemoth and Minebuster.

I don’t get to admire much of Behemoth outside of Splashworks aside from when I’m actually riding it.

Sledge Hammer opened late for the day around 1pm. It was running quite well from what I saw though.

Skyhawk has a new test seat. I wonder if we’ll see any for the Mondial Rides pop up too.

Speaking of Mondials, Riptide was running with no water at all which I thought was weird seeing as this is the hottest weekend of the season so far.

The trampolines were brought out to Arthur’s Baye as they prepare for the Flying Frontenacs show which returns next weekend.

Another great day at the park makes it 10 visits for the season so far. I’m looking forward to Brew & BBQ and the return of some of the summer shows next weekend!


For lunch, I had fish and chips from Coasters. For whatever reason, they were giving everyone two pieces and coleslaw this time. It was such a filling meal that I couldn’t fully finish!

For my second meal, I had my favourite butter chicken from Backlot Cafe, which came with naan and a nice big piece of papadum. This is one of the few meals at the park that comes out consistently well and never disappoints. Always hot and flavourful.

Trip Video

June 9 & 10, 2018 Trip Report – If you could take my pulse right now…

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park at about 12:30pm on Saturday. They now have Show & Event Guides available at the front gate.

With the news that Sledgehammer had opened mid-way through the week, I went straight to it to find that it was open! Unfortunately, there was a delay as they were dealing with a protein spill.

And then it e-stopped on that cycle…

The ride did go back up soon after and it was a blast to finally get on it. The only new thing in the ride experience to get used to is the slower rotation when the cycle starts, but it’s kind of neat at the same time as it starts slow and then suddenly ramps up to speed right into the first jump.

It was nice to see fully loaded cycles going and people even camping out waiting for it to reopen after it went down a few times.

My day ended with Sledgehammer struggling to recover from an e-stop. It’s so sad to watch and, yet, I can’t stop watching.


I had the chicken tenders from Chicken Shack. Great as always.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park right as it opened for the day. Since I spent all day in Action Zone yesterday, I headed straight to Leviathan. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the queue was already full. I immediately gave up any hope of a ride on it for the day so I went back to the usual…

I took a walk around near Splashworks. There are these markings on the ground which I’d guess is for when they replace this pathway. Because of the amount of machinery that passed through the area with the construction, the path bricks are all cracked and there’s a section that dramatically slopes toward the fence. Wonderland is great at keeping the park looking in tip top shape so I wouldn’t be surprised if they replaced this section of path in time for daily Splashworks operations.

With my excitement for Sledgehammer’s return still at its peak, I stuck around Action Zone for the day again. On my first ride, I got to experience my first e-stop for the season! The ride e-stopped before the last jump.

I’m not sure whether it’s a programming change or something to do with new hardware but the ride coasts freely after e-stops whereas it would come to a stop fairly quickly in previous years. Since we were going at full speed, the tower coasted at a pretty fun speed. It abruptly stopped once it was ready to bring the ride down to ground level which took everyone by surprise.

After sitting around for a bit, they eventually came out to do an evac.

The restraints are disabled by an air hose that is pulled out at the base of the tower. The procedure is two employees hold up one restraint at a time because the restraint has weight to it even when disabled by air. When the maintenance guy came around to our gondola, he told everyone that they’ll let one person off at a time. So what happens? Everyone in my gondola immediately pushes up on their restraints and jump off. I could see the employees got a bit concerned as they tried holding up the multiple restraints that everyone pushed up so it wouldn’t come down on anyone.

So that was a fun experience that I hadn’t had since the mid-2000’s. The ride did e-stop a couple of times more during the day but they were reset quickly and it did have periods where it went cycle to cycle with no issue. I’m sure it’ll get better with time because the ride does sound really good this year, particularly the transition between the last quick jump and drop.

To be honest, this ride gives me so much anxiety watching it because of the unexpected loud noises when it e-stops which, for whatever reason, doesn’t faze anyone else. Just in case you were wondering about the title…


I got the Southwest Burger and Fries Basket from Coasters again. It’s quickly becoming one of my favourite things on the meal plan.

I originally got in line at Chicken Shack but they literally had one poor girl both taking and distributing orders. I bailed and hopped over to Coasters where I encountered the same team as previous visits this season. Easily some of the favourite food employees there.

Trip Video

June 3, 2018 Trip Report – Stop. Hammer time!

Trip Notes

I got to the park right at 10am. It was a cooler gloomy day today so the crowds weren’t too bad.

I made a beeline straight to Sledgehammer as I was hoping it would open. It was already doing test runs when I made my way into the area but I quickly confirmed with a ride attendant that it wouldn’t be open today. It didn’t really disappoint me too much because I was just so excited to see it actually move for once this season.

The ride looks and sounds great. The tower motor sounds different now as it sounds like it accelerates at a different rate at the beginning of the cycle compared to before. It also gets oddly quieter once it gets up to speed.

They are still actively working a few kinks out. The gondola that was out of service for most of last season appeared to be giving them some trouble today. The ride had e-stopped and soon after a couple maintenance guys came out with a ladder and looked at the top of that gondola. The ride didn’t cycle in the latter part of my visit as they were still working on that gondola.

I honestly didn’t do much else today other than a bit of walking and a couple rides on Behemoth. Hopefully we’ll get to ride Sledgehammer next weekend!


I had the fish and chips from Coasters. I really enjoyed this meal and Coasters is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat in the park.