Month: April 2018

#WhatsInTheBin (Part 2)

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Continuing on with my #WhatsInTheBin series…

This nasty sweater zipper pull was my favourite thing for the longest time as I transferred it between clothes just so I could have it on me all the time. Eventually the loop on the top to attach it to things broke off.

To be honest, some of the little trinkets I have are things I found on the ground at the park. This is one of the tickets you could win at one of the park’s arcades.

A Cedar Fair game token. I’m pretty sure they’re moving toward a digital currency system, if they haven’t already. I don’t play in the arcades.

The card they give you when you have your photo taken on International Street. I’m not sure what they mean by “front mall and satellite location”.

The only time I ever get Fast Lane is when they give it away for free when you renew your season pass at the end of the season.

The Camp Spooky trick-or-treat map and colouring page was another thing I found on the ground… because they weren’t allowed to give me one.

The season pass cards I have through the years. The latest one I have is in my wallet, obviously, but I’ve been using the app as my pass so I barely ever need it with me anyway. Really the only time I do is to gain entry to ERT areas.

That’s it for #WhatsInTheBin. (Sorry.) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I’ll post individual things from the bin as part of #ThrowbackThursday. Thanks for visiting the blog!

What’s the big deal? SPPN & Opening Day Specials!

With Season Passholder Preview Night (“SPPN” on Friday, April 27, 2018) and Opening Day (Sunday, April 29, 2018) just around the corner, I’m super excited that it won’t be much longer until I can revisit my favourite rides and see what else is new at the park… On top of that, the park just released deals for opening weekend to make the return even sweeter!

Season Passholder Preview Night Deals

Deals valid only on Season Passholder Preview Night, April 27, 2018. Taxes extra.

  • Buy one, get one free games
    • Valid at Milkcan in Medieval Faire and Action Zone, and at Foul Shot in the Alpen (International Festival) area.
  • Buy two, get two free pieces of fudge
    • Valid at Sweet Shoppe on International Street.
  • 50% off cottontail Beavertails
    • Valid at any Beavertails location in the park.
  • 50% off pretzels
    • Valid for any pretzel at Gourmet Chippery, Pretzel & Beer Bar.
  • 50% off Cookiewiches
    • Valid at Medieval Funnel Cakes.
  • Bring a Friend for $15.99
    • Valid 2018 passholders can purchase tickets for up to four friends for $15.99 each. (Tickets valid for Preview Night only.)

See details on the Canada’s Wonderland official website.

Opening Day Deals

Deals valid only on Opening Day, April 29, 2018. Taxes extra.

  • $7.99 Opening Day t-shirt
    • Get one at the Canada’s Wonderland Store. While supplies last.
  • Buy two, get two free pieces of fudge
    • Valid at Sweet Shoppe on International Street.
  • 50% off arcade games
    • Valid at Crystal Palace and Aracadium Arcades.
  • 50% off Alpen Cheesery
    • Valid for any entree at Alpen Cheesery.
  • 25% off Muskoka Craft Burger
    • Valid for any entree at Muskoka Craft Burger and Beer.
  • 50% off Lumberjack Sausage
    • Valid for the new 24″ Lumberjack Sausage at Timbers BBQ.

See details on the Canada’s Wonderland official website.

(Deals subject to change without notice. See the CW pages linked for the latest.)

New “Poutinerie” Coming in 2018!

Goodbye Hot Potato (and Bistro 81), hello Poutinerie!

Over on the Wonderland Blog, it was revealed that a new dining location specializing in delicious french fry dishes would be popping up around the park, replacing two Hot Potato stands and the Bistro 81 food truck.

Read more details, including how they created the new menu, on the Wonderland Blog, and at CP Food Blog who was responsible for the Wonderland blog post!

There’s lots to look forward to this season! Thanks for visiting the blog! ✌