August 5 & 6, 2018 Trip Reports – Where’s Those Cornerstones?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park around 9:20am to get in on some ERT at Leviathan. It was roughly a 10 minute wait. I managed to get the back row.

After Leviathan, I went back to the routine into Action Zone to find Sledge Hammer down with a couple maintenance guys around an open hatch.

With Sledge Hammer down, I continued walking to Behemoth. I’m not sure why, but I find the attendants lately have been pushing rather hard while checking restraints here. This morning, the attendant pushed on my restraint, paused for a second, and then pushed again with all of her weight. I thought that was completely unnecessary and it made me upset. That ended up being the tone for the day with generally rude and poor service all around for some reason. It’s normally not like that.

After some test cycles, Sledge Hammer opened and I hopped on for the first public cycle of the day. It was running well for the rest of the day from what I could tell.

As usual, several rides and the pathway leading to Minebuster and Splashworks were closing early due to the Civic Holiday fireworks that night.

The 8.15 announcement banners have been changed again with the background now an eagle eye. Earth Rangers in 2019 confirmed!

The park is holding their annual duck drive in support of SickKids Hospital.

Each duck costs $5. Looks like a nice amount of money has been raised just from one weekend alone!

When I had a meal at Backlot Cafe, I was surprised to see that there was no one looking over the dining area even though the food area seemed overstaffed since it wasn’t very busy at the time. There were even two people at the cash register, even though only one lane was open. Generally, Backlot has always been very clean and I’ve even had times where staff have offered to take away plates I’m finished with while I’m still sitting down.

I caught Cirque Canadien again today. The crowd was really into the show which I always like to hear. For the first time in my many viewings of the show, there was a crowd reaction to the raccoons running out in Habs jerseys. I loved that!

On my way out, I noticed they brought out the popcorn cart onto International Street for the fireworks in the evening.

When I was exiting the parking lot, I saw that they installed a new gate at the north end as you’re exiting the lot.

My guess is that they were installed because people were driving the wrong way down this one way street to get into the guest lot for free.

You have to stop and wait for it to fully close and reopen as each car goes through. When I’ve gone through, I’ve only had one car in front of me so it didn’t take very long to get through but I could see it being a real bottleneck on busier exits. I’m guessing they’re left open when the park closes for the night.


For lunch, I had the fish and chips from Coasters. It was good.

For my second meal, I had the Enright Beef Burger from Backlot Cafe. It was great and they even offered to put bacon on it (which I gladly said yes to).

Monday, August 6, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park a little bit after opening. It was a quick day since there were going to be storms later and I’d be bored if I stayed home all day. All I wanted to do was get some rides on Behemoth and Sledge Hammer and any others I felt like, and have something to eat. Unfortunately, Sledge Hammer didn’t move during my few hours at the park. I did get some rides on Behemoth and a few others like Shockwave and Dragon Fire.

I also thought that I’d be able to have some positive encounters with employees today after yesterday. For the most part today it was good, but I witnessed one employee who made a comment about a guest that I felt was so out of line.

I think it’s the heat getting to people.


I had the chicken burger from Chicken Shack. I was disappointed to see a round generic chicken patty as opposed to the big crispy fried chicken breast this used to be.

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