About Me

I’m Matt and I love Canada’s Wonderland!

I started visiting Wonderland sometime around 1995. I was terrified of the rides as a young child but I started finding the fun in it as time went on. It reached the point where I was ecstatic hitting height milestones to get on the bigger rides, and I was hooked by the time I reached just 48″ tall. I continued visiting Wonderland and riding to my heart’s content, even though my family and friends found interest in other things.

With countless visits over more than 20 years, Wonderland is a huge part of my life.

I’ve never really had the time or resources to visit other parks so Wonderland is literally The One for me. I’m clearly making the most of it.

I’m always excited for my next visit to the park, even as I frequent the park more than the average guest. I don’t have any inside sources or anything like that but I enjoy keeping an eye out for new things in the park and analyze (and over-analyze) as things progress. I hope you’ll follow along with me!

About CoasterCircuits

CoasterCircuits is my handle on the internet where I can share my Canada’s Wonderland notes, commentary, and media with the world. My accounts are a weird balance between pretending to be a brand while also just being some guy’s personal account. I try not to take it too seriously.

I’m primarily on Twitter and Youtube, and of course here on the blog.

On Twitter, I mainly live-tweet my trips to the park, sharing images and the odd video of some of the things I see while I’m there. When I’m not at the park, I still mostly post random things and thoughts about Wonderland.

On YouTube, I like to put together a compilation of video clips recorded from trips to Wonderland. I especially enjoy doing them whenever the park has something specially happening. My style is no commentary, letting the video tell a story itself. (I experimented with visual notes once but didn’t really like it.)