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CoasterCircuits Update July 2018 – Renewed for Another Year

A Recap

I launched this blog last year to start fresh at the beginning of the 2017 season. It started off strong because Wonderland actually retweeted a link to one of my first blog posts with information about the upcoming season. (Thanks, Wonderland.) I ended up losing that post to the hack that’s detailed next…

In June 2017, my websites hosted on GoDaddy were taken over by ransomware. I found the hosting service from GoDaddy to be really spotty with periods of downtime and slowdowns, and I thought it was a bit odd how they didn’t seem to care to learn how the attack on my websites actually happened. I had no regrets immediately looking elsewhere for hosting after this incident.

In July 2017, I transitioned over to Nixihost where I haven’t had any problems.

It was a rocky time blogging through 2017, having to deal with the hack and becoming inconsistent in posting, so I regrouped over the offseason. In November, I decided to have another go at hosting the blog on my own rather than on And here we are now in 2018.

The Test

Every time I’m on paid hosting and it’s coming up to the time to renew, I always look at how things are going to decide whether we’ll keep going for another year. In my long history of hosting websites, there have been times where I pulled the plug just because the motivation wasn’t there. Even at times on free hosting services, I’ve still done the same re-evaluating.

The blog doesn’t do huge numbers. It doesn’t have to, really. Once I see people coming through every time I post, it’s cool. I enjoy putting the trip reports together and archiving my thoughts. I think it’s kind of cool to see the archive grow and be able to go back myself and see what I was thinking on certain dates, particularly with past special events.

So Now What?

Obviously, with the title of this post giving it away, my hosting plan has been renewed today so we’re here for another year. I like how things have been going this year.

So far, I’ve written a trip report for every trip to Wonderland this year so I want to keep that going. I’d also like to do a little bit of creative writing outside of just trip reports, which I’ve done from time to time already like my Sledgehammer birthday and Top 10 Thrill Flats posts. I’ve got a few other ideas I’m working on too…

On the social media front, I’m still mostly on Twitter while occasionally posting on Instagram (and Instagram Stories).

Thank You

If you’ve read through even just one of my posts or if you happen to be someone who visits every time there’s something new, THANK YOU.

CoasterCircuits November 2017 Update

We’re onto CoasterCircuits blog #4 now. Let’s go!

CoasterCircuits Blog is Back at

Back in June, my websites were hacked. I figured they targeted my [possibly outdated] self-hosted WordPress blog to get in. I lost confidence in hosting the blog myself so I opened up a free one at

I’m ready to try again.

I do prefer to host the blog myself because it gives me extra flexibility with themes and plugins. I’ve tried to take some steps to keep the site secure to prevent anything bad from happening again. Let’s hope for the best.

I’ll be continuing on as usual. I can’t wait to write trip reports again when the 2018 season rolls around. Until then, it’ll be quiet unless I have something to write about. I may do updates here regarding my Wonderland website. Speaking of which…

The “Canada’s Wonderland Source” Update and Plans

The Canada’s Wonderland Source is a database of information which grew quite significantly over this past summer. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going but I also think it’s time for a bit of a change.

While there has been many updates to the code over the years, it naturally has become quite cluttered which gets in the way of doing certain things I’d like to do with the site. That’s why I’m going to do a big clean-up. The design of the site will remain the same but there are many areas, especially behind-the-scenes, which will see some streamlining.

As for the content of the site itself, I want to focus more on trip planning which will help make the site more engaging and interactive. I started on this with a Trip Planner section but even that got a little cluttered for my liking. I want people to come to the site when they plan their trips for the 2019 coaster! 😉

Finally, I’ve grown to dislike the name of the site for some reason. I’ve thought about names but they all sound even worse… We’ll see.

It’s Been a Fun Season

I had lots of fun this season at Wonderland with all of the special events and new things throughout the park. Check me out on the social media platforms below where I’ll continue to post things throughout the winter.

Thanks for visiting the blog!

The State of CoasterCircuits

I think this is blog #3 for CoasterCircuits. It’s not my fault this time.

The Timeline of Events

Here’s what happened on Sunday, June 4, 2017:

7am: is compromised. The blog homepage displays a “ransomware” style message. The rest of my websites are inaccessible.

8am: I receive a notification on my phone that it cannot log into my email accounts I have with the websites. In addition to having all of my files encrypted/corrupted, they somehow managed to delete my email accounts. This is the point I found out about what had happened.

8:10am: Leave for Wonderland because Wonderland.

4pm: Call webhost support line. Their backups of my websites were made after the attack had happened so I couldn’t pay for them to have it restored to a proper state, not like I would have shelled out $150 for it anyway. I was given the option to reset my entire hosting account, which would delete everything on it.

In the end, I decided to delete everything and cancel my hosting package altogether.

What’s the Plan?

CoasterCircuits will live on as a blog hosted at because I have no confidence in self-hosting a WP blog again right now. My two .com domain names will redirect you. The domain name will redirect you to the WordPress-hosted blog. Update: All 2017 trip reports have been restored, thanks to them being cached by Google!

I’d like to bring back a photo gallery to share my Wonderland trip pictures again but I’m unsure of where to go for that right now. Stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting.